Start Studios

Terms and Conditions



1. Payment for classes should be made via bank transfer no later than 7 days after confirmation booking email has been sent using the booking number provided in the email.

2. Payments are for one full term. Partial payment will not be accepted and payments cannot be carried over to the next term.

3. Start Studios will not refund any money for missed classes.

4. If a class is cancelled, Start Studios will refund the money for that lesson. We will give as much warning as possible. The exception to this will be due to extreme weather.

5. No food is allowed at the lessons, only a bottle of water.

6. Start Studios will not be responsible for any damaged or stained clothes.  We recommend you bring an old large T-shirt to cover their clothes.

7. Children must be collected on time by a named adult. A penalty of £1 per minute will be applied 11 minutes after the end of their lesson. You must bring a note/send email if they are leaving with someone other than the named adult.

8. If the child, over 9 years old, walks to or from the class on their own, the parents must let us know in writing.

9. Start Studios reserves the right to exclude any child who behaves in an unacceptable manner during class. The exclusion will be the last resort and will only be implemented after discussion with parents/carers.

10. If your child has any medical problems these must be notified to Start Studios on the Booking Form. Any changes during the term must be sent to Start Studios in writing

11. In the event of a child becoming ill, the parent/carer will be contacted.

12. All work should be taken home, as we will not be responsible for it.

13. You acknowledge that Start Studios may use for publicity purposes and without prior notification any photograph taken of the children and their work, and any statement (whether written or oral) made by you or the child unless specified on the booking form.

14. We reserve the right to cancel the term lessons if the minimum number of children (6) is not enrolled.



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