Start Studios has teamed up with award winning children's book writer, Margaret Bateson-Hill, to teach this workshop aimed for children that are independent writers, who love to write and draw.


Creating a story is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle or making a cake. There are so many bits and pieces that need to be fitted together or mixed in a particular way.

Come and explore some of the different ways of creating a story.


There’ll be storytelling to inspire us, objects with special powers to discover, ideas to mind map, portraits to draw, characters to question, settings to describe and illustrate and a bit of acting to discover just what it feels like to be part of the action.


The day will culminate with each participant writing and illustrating an important moment from their story, drawing on everything they have discovered so far.


The aim of the workshop is not to necessarily write a whole story- although some children will - but rather to explore ways in which we can make our writing come alive.