Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


Start Studios are taking steps to keep both students and staff as safe as possible so we will be adopting a few new procedures:


  • Sick students or teachers should not come to class.


  • Start Studios will enforce regular hand washing with alcohol rub/hand sanitizer at the beginning and ending of each lesson


  • We will have daily disinfection and cleaning of classroom surfaces and materials.


  • We will promote social distancing by limiting the number of students per class so each child can seat in their table.


  • Each child at the beginning of the week will receive a plastic bag with the disinfected materials they will use throughout the week. You are welcome to bring your own. Please check on the specific workshop page for the list of recommended materials.


  • The children will enter through the main door and leave through the side door. Please check the signs.


  • In the case of the teacher becoming ill, you will receive an email with the cancellation of the workshop. The money will be refunded.