Ages 8-16

Saturdays 11am -12pm

Price £145 Summer Term 2023


Tablet for Digital art or Sketchbook for traditional art are required


St Andrew's Church Centre

Mount Park Road


W5 2RS


This class is for older children that enjoy drawing and developing their own ideas.


Each term we will work on the different stages to create a final illustration such as character design, composition, perspective, colour, etc. We'll start from the idea and end up with a final coloured image.


The children can focus on their own style whether is Manga, Comic book, very "cartoony" or more traditional illustrations. All concepts apply equally.


The lesson can be taken on a tablet ( for digital illustration) or using a sketchbook ( for traditional illustration)


 Students will be encouraged to discuss their work at the end of the session.

This course focuses on developing;


Imagination and story-telling




Basic Drawing and colouring techniques





Digital Art


* Tablet/ ipad/ chrome book   (smart phones are too small)

* Apple pencil or similar, ideally it should support pressure sensitivity

* With any drawing app installed such as:


                  sketchbook (free)

                  infinite Painter (basic is free, £7.49 for full version )

                  Procreate  (£10 aprox) for iPad only - Industry standard


Please, make sure that the children are familiar with the software before the lessons as it will not be focusing on the software itself. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for beginners.


They should know: to select tools, change and pick colours, create, rename and group layers, the use of lasso tools, scale and move tools, change brushes.


Traditional Art


* A3 Sketchbook (best if it has a spiral and the paper no less that 150grm)

* HB, 2B pencils

* Rubber

*Pencil sharpener

* Set of WATERPROOF black liners

* Set of Grey ALCOHOL markers

* Watercolour pencils, alcohol colour markers or colour pencils. (choose one)


The Works shop (next to Sainsbury's in Ealing Broadway) sells all of the above at a good price.

Amazon also has great prices and different price ranges for the materials.

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