Instructor Carla Tebbutt

Dates to be Announced



Experimental techniques to expand your creativity.


In this workshop children will explore loads of acrylic painting techniques and will create their own paper collection that they will use to illustrate an idea or a story while also learning the endless possibilities of working with paper.


They will learn how to find inspiration in shapes and colours palette and also the basic concepts of how to create a balanced composition.


We provide the materials and tools needed for the sessions, but if you wish to bring your own you will need,


  • Acrylic paints (at least three or four different colours)
  • White and coloured card and paper (different textures and weights)
  • White tissue paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel
  • Glue
  • Tools to produce textures (such as old credit cards, spatulas, corrugated cardboard, bauble wrap)