Carla Tebbutt


I am passionate about working with children, and always have been. I find it fascinating how the little ones brilliant minds work, with their big and original ideas.


When I was at primary school I started taking art and drawing classes, and I have wonderful childhood memories of playing with my brothers and sister, pretending I was their art teacher!


I have studied Developmental Psychology, and Art Therapy, and more recently courses in mindfulness for children, and child mental health awareness and well-being.


I have worked with children from 18 months up to 16 years old, both at nursery and primary school and beyond.


After so many years of interaction with them, I still feel admiration for their artful and expressive scribbles and forms, all the way to the realism of story drawings.


A few years ago two mums asked me if I knew someone who would teach drawing and painting to their children, and after some research I realised that there were very few choices.


So, in these art sessions I will bring together my knowledge, experience and passion to share with your little ones.


They will be able to express and develop their artistic abilities, allowing the extraordinary ways they experience the world to merge in their artwork.


I'm fascinated by shapes and colours and I believe that creative expression is about the process, the journey through which we use and develop our genius, our brilliance.


Some of my art work can be seen here