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Carla Tebbutt

Fernanda Moreno

I am passionate about working with children, and always have been. I find it fascinating how the little ones brilliant minds work, with their big and original ideas.


I have studied drawing and painting from age 7 up to 12.

I used to play with my brothers and sister pretending I was their art teacher!  We had great fun!


I studied Developmental Psychology, and have done Art Therapy  workshops combining drawing and art classes.


I have also worked with children from age 18 months up to 16 at both nursery and primary school.

I've never stopped admiring those artful and expressive scribbles and forms made by children, all the way to the realism of story drawings.


A few years ago two mums asked me if I knew someone who would teach drawing and painting to their children and after some research I realised that there are very few choices.


So, in these art sessions I will bring together my knowledge, experience and passion to share with your little ones.


They will be able to express and develop their artistic abilities, allowing the extraordinary ways they experience the world to merge in their artwork.


As Picasso once said, 'It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child'


Some of my latest work can be seen here



For the last 15 years I’ve been working as a digital artist on award-winning films including the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, Ex-Machina, James Bond (full list here).


I started my career studying graphic design at university in Mexico City, followed by a course in drawing, painting and photography at  Lorenzo de' Medici Institute in Florence, Italy.


I continued my art education at the Art Institute of Philadelphia where I studied Animation and Media arts.  It was the perfect combination of my favourite things: drawing and cartoons.


I have worked in animation and design on TV, Films and Video in New York, Mexico City and London. However my priorities have changed, and I have decided to go back to my artistic roots and work as an illustrator and teacher.


I've been teaching drawing for the last year and the results have been hugely rewarding both for me and the children.


I teach the Animation after school club at Notting Hill and Ealing High School.


I hope your child can join us so we can start on his or her artistic journey together


To see more of my work visit: