3-Day Art Workshop

Instructor Carla Tebbutt



In this 3-day course the children will be immersed, in a fun and interesting adventure about Food and its role in Art.


Each day covers different artists and activities.


They will be travelling to the Renaissance and the magic of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his puzzle-like portraits made of fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Experience the post- impressionist chunky and brightly coloured paintings of apples and oranges of Paul Cezanne's. The children will also create, inspired by Gino Severini, a cubist breakfast collage and a sculpture of their favourite creamy cupcakes, Wayne Thiebaud and Patianne Stevenson's style.


They will design a coloured tile using a clay slab and different culinary shapes to create interesting textures and patterns.


All art materials and tools are provided.



Age 5+


Dates:  Tuesday 17th August

              Wednesday 18th August

              Thursday 19th August


Time: 2-4pm


Course fee:  £20 per day.